About Us

The beginning.

Armed with a product development experience of more than twelve years, and the core team just fresh out of their engineering college, Mahiyar started Avesta Technologies in June of 2012 from a residential premise.

From day one, we worked with emerging technologies and were early adopters of open source. During this period, many of these technologies were not mainstream, and we had a huge challenge convincing our clients to use them.

Eventually, we got a break and partnered with an education technology company to develop an e-assessment platform that universities and education boards could use to carry out the assessment process digitally.

This project gave us tremendous exposure as we had to work with custom hardware (used Raspberry Pi as scanning station), edge servers, and cloud. This product became a success and is being used by major Universities and Boards in India.

Post this project, there was no looking back, and we are fortunate to work with product teams across the globe and assist them with their initiatives.

Our Purpose

We believe internet penetration, availability of affordable mobile devices, cloud and, open-source have created an unprecedented economic and social opportunity for organizations of every size and type to innovate and make an impact.

Open-source has created a collaborative movement and democratized technology; modern technology is no longer a privilege of a select few.

Our purpose is to help enterprises (especially start-ups and small and medium ones) to take advantage of this opportunity and utilize open-source technologies to compete and create value at an even scale.


“Enable enterprises to innovate and grow in the digital economy by utilizing modern open-source platforms & technologies successfully.”

Core Competency

People are our core competency. We strive to attract, train and retain the best of the talent by providing them with the right environment, culture, tools, and compensation.

We have a high trust, high training, and high-performance culture and follow servant-leadership principles.

Our Values

Customer Values

  • We shall always be committed to our customer's success and growth.
  • We shall succeed only when our customers do.


  • We operate on the premise that each and everyone on the team is responsible and completely dedicated to the company’s growth and is competent to deliver results.
  • We do not have a “command control” environment and empower our team members with faith and freedom to learn, experiment, and excel.

Empowerment & Teamwork

  • We believe that every individual has a unique talent and can be nurtured to produce extraordinary work.
  • It’s not about getting my job done; it’s about getting the job done. Success or failure is everyone's combined responsibility.

Honesty & Openness

  • We shall always be guided by truth and convey it to others in a straightforward language.
  • We shall have strong opinions, but we shall always be open to listening to others and willing to change.

Passion & Commitment

  • Everything we do, we do from our hearts, or we don't do it at all.
  • We shall only commit what we can achieve and achieve what we commit.

Practical & Positive

  • We will always use knowledge wisely to implement what works (in production).
  • Every challenge brings in a new opportunity; as software professionals, we will always have to deal with ambiguity; remaining positive at all times goes a long way in contributing towards our success.