About Us

Our Purpose

Engineering software solutions that make a difference.

We believe software profoundly impacts human lives, and developing good software, is as much about people as it is about technology and practices. At Avesta, along with continuously improving our technology and practices; we strive to create an environment where people can collaborate, learn, and bring out their best potential. We work with our customers as partners to create shared economic value in a way that also has a social impact, and are always committed to their success and growth.

What we do.

Avesta provides end-to-end solutions and services to build modern digital products and platforms; using the best design and engineering practices and technologies.

Our Culture

Enabling an inclusive environment that emphasizes caring and learning, based on trust, creativity, and collaboration, where people love to work, and customers love to get their work done.


  • We welcome people from diverse backgrounds and nourish them with an open, and supportive environment where they can reach their true potential.
  • We nurture human relationships based on mutual trust, transparency, sincerity and serve them with humility.
  • We strive to understand before being understood and reflect empathy and compassion at all times.


  • We consider learning as a part of our work and encourage people to share knowledge, take risks, and give them the freedom to fail.
  • We are curious to explore and discover new ways of doing things, approach challenges with an open mind, and are receptive to new ideas.
  • We creatively find long-term solutions rather than applying short-term measures.
  • We develop people by aligning their growth aspirations with clear business objectives.

Core Values

  • Integrity: Be authentic, principled, and consistent.
  • Humility: Be simple, modest and respectful.
  • Humanity: Be compassionate,empathetic and fair.
  • Accountability: Be responsible and take ownership.
  • Collaboration: Be open-minded, flexible and communicate.
  • Courageous: Be confident, resilient and candid.

About the Company

Founded in 2012, Avesta is a cloud consulting and engineering company; we bring in years of experience in agile practices, DevOps, and cloud-native development.

We help enterprises embrace a modern application development approach that structures teams, culture, and technology by integrating agile practices, DevOps automation tools, and cloud-native technologies to accelerate software deliveries, facilitate change, and improve reliability.