Product Design

Requirement Analysis

We work with you to create user stories and decide the features you would like to build. User stories are conversations in progress and help to describe what a product feature should accomplish. User stories help to prevent bloat, as they let you identify and include only those features that users will value. User stories also support the development team in estimating efforts.

User Experience Design

We start by sketching the UI of the system to show how the user will experience a feature. Based on these sketches, we develop a working model using a tool like Figma. While designing the UI, we consider the context, persona, and device and evolve the design accordingly.

The prototype helps us demo a production-like experience to our clients, which helps get the correct feedback upfront. While designing the UX, our two guiding factors are "how can we make this simple" and "obvious wins.".

Platform Architecture

While designing the platform architecture, we strive to strike the right balance between performance, reliability, and cost.

Modern application architecture has many moving parts; our solution architects will help you choose cloud-native technologies that seamlessly integrate and scale to manage millions of users and billions of data points.

Our experienced architecting team can help you design and plan the cloud infrastructure, container orchestration system, CI/CD pipelines, micro-services-based application layer, and data architecture for data pipelines and storage.