We are a people oriented company; we strongly believe that people are our only asset that differentiates us from our competition. Our work environment fosters trust, teamwork and innovation.

We have a flexible, open and down to earth culture that provides a lot of freedom to our team with an emphasis that “with great freedom comes great responsibility”.

When we hire, we look for intelligent, driven individuals who can take self initiative and would constantly want to evolve and grow with our company.

At Avesta Technologies you can work with very senior talent that has global exposure in the IT industry and probably learn a thing or two from them.

Learning & Innovation

Learning is a part of our DNA, we invest in our people by imparting world class training to strengthen their concepts and then introduce them gradually with practical aspects of technology they would be working with. Along with access to learning resources of our technology partners we subscribe to professional global IT training providers.

We encourage people to think out of the box and come out with ideas that help us do things better than they are being done at the moment, be it a technology improvisation or improving our management process.

Pursue a Career not a Job

At Avesta Technologies we don’t offer Jobs we give you a career, we empower you with knowledge and skills that helps you make a real difference. Avesta Technologies is a career accelerator, even though the learning curve in our organization is steep, you will gain tremendous exposure and practical experience in just a short span of few years that would prove invaluable to open doors to career opportunities that others can’t even fathom.