Modern Application Development Benefits


Short design and development iterations get working software in the hands of the end-users quickly. Cloud infrastructure automation and code pipelines speed up deployment.


Code Refactoring, self-testing code, and continuous integration (CI) make it easy to change or introduce new features. Test-Driven Development protects against code breakage and ensures a glitch-free user experience.


Application functionality is packaged in shared-nothing independent microservices that can be replicated almost instantly to provide redundancy in case of infrastructure failure or outages.


Microservices can be programmatically scaled depending on the workload to manage demand spikes. This feature helps keep applications performant as well as save cloud costs.


Multi-layer security, Cloud-native 4Cs (Cloud, Cluster, Container, Code) approach based on “defense in depth” IT security model mitigates threats and vulnerabilities.


Relatively smaller teams can design-build and manage large applications. Open-source technologies help to save substantial licensing costs.