Principles & Values

Avesta's Guiding Principles & Values

The following principles and values shall guide us in everything we do: crafting our strategy, onboarding a new team member, or while defining our markets.

We shall strive to abide by them at all times.

Guiding Principles.

We succeed only when our customers do.

  • We are committed to the growth and success of our customers. We succeed when our customers do.
  • Therefore, we continuously strive to understand and anticipate our customer's needs, wants, expectations, and values and align our efforts and resources to fulfill them.
  • We treat our customers with utmost concern, respect, and caring attitude and provide them with guidance and solutions, which are in their best interest.

People are our core competency.

  • We are a collective, united by a common purpose and shared values; we shall collectively pursue our goals and objectives.
  • We nurture a culture of trust, empathy, and ownership and empower our people with knowledge, faith, and freedom to drive outcomes.
  • People are our core competency, and we always put our people first. Our company exists because of its people and not the other way round.

Learning & Innovation never stops.

  • We are a learning organization, and learning is a continuous process. We gain a deep understanding and professionally master technologies and processes we work with.
  • We share knowledge with others, groom and mentor them. The more knowledge we share, the more shall we gain.
  • We continuously find and adopt better technologies, tools, and processes to improve our product quality and operational processes.

Cloud, Agile & Opensource are the basis of our existence.

  • We foster an agile culture and follow agile practices to build highly efficient independent cross-functional teams capable of doing more with less.
  • We use extreme programming techniques and practice test-driven development and refactoring to increase product development velocity and build reliable and easy-to-change systems.
  • We use cloud-native architecture to design a product architecture and deploy them on cloud-native platforms using DevOps tools and techniques.
  • We promote design thinking to design more human, intuitive, and predictable products.



  • We are aware that our work has a profound social and commercial impact on the company, clients, and society. Therefore we shall always approach our work with utmost concern, sincerity, thoughtfulness, and professionalism.


  • We operate on the premise that each and everyone on the team is responsible and wholly dedicated to the company's growth and is competent to deliver results.
  • We do not have a "command control" environment and empower our team members with faith and freedom to learn, experiment, and excel.


  • We believe that every individual has a unique talent, when nurtured, can produce extraordinary results.


  • It's not about getting my job done; it's about getting the job done. Success or failure is everyone's combined responsibility.


  • We shall always be guided by truth and convey it to others in a straightforward language.


  • We shall have strong opinions, but we shall always be open to listening to others and willing to change.


  • Everything we do, we do from our hearts, or we don't do it at all.


  • We shall only commit what we can achieve and achieve what we commit.


  • We will always use knowledge wisely to implement what works (in production).


  • Every challenge brings in a new opportunity; as software professionals, we will always have to deal with ambiguity; remaining positive while dealing with technology and people goes a long way in solving small and big challenges.


  • We don't jump on to conclusions, or conclusions may jump on us. We shall always take time to think things through and be tolerant and persistent when we act.

Self Discipline

  • Our work environment provides freedom; however, with great freedom comes greater responsibility.

Self Initiative

  • We shall always be proactive and use our own resources to accomplish our objectives.


  • Communication means actually listening, understanding, and empathizing with all our stakeholders.

Zero Politics

  • We have zero-tolerance for politics; we shall be transparent, straightforward, and truthful with all our stakeholders under all circumstances.

Humble & Helpful

  • We shall always be open to admitting our faults, willing to fix problems that are not our own, and always be courteous.

Value Time

  • We shall not waste our own or other person's time. Time and Tide does not wait for anybody.


  • We shall have a best-or-nothing approach towards everything we do. Measure twice and cut once.


  • Quality is every team member's responsibility; each individual is solely responsible for qualitative work and ensures that each piece of code written is entirely defect-free.