Join us on our mission to help our clients build great digital products that consistently deliver a delightful customer experience. We are a close-knit engineering team of agile practitioners and open-source enthusiasts who believe that successful digital transformations warrant more than adopting new digital technologies.

Therefore, we focus on building cross-functional independent teams and fostering an agile culture to accomplish more with less. We are equally obsessed with quality and believe that delivering a human, intuitive, and glitch-free product goes a long way in shaping the customer experience.

We are looking for someone who shares the same passion and values and is willing to go that extra mile to ensure zero escapes into production. We are modernizing a web platform for a premier home buying portal in Australia. This role will focus on developing automated tests using a behavior-driven test automation framework.

This portal captures millions of data points every month, and it is now poised for rapid growth. You shall be expected to play a critical part in scaling it successfully. At Avesta, we believe in offering career ladders and not jobs; this opportunity will benefit someone who wants to progress as a Business Analyst or a Product Owner in the future.

About the role

  • The role is permanent full-time. It would be great if you have 2 to 5 years of experience in manual/exploratory testing. But we are open to varying experience levels.
  • Our team is located in Ahmedabad, but you can be located anywhere in India and willing to work remotely. You are also welcome to work from our office; we have a hybrid model.
  • It would be great to have experience with automated testing tools like Cypress; otherwise, we would train you on using one.
  • It would help if you have worked with an Agile Scrum team and are familiar with cloud-native Micro Service-based application environments.
  • It would be nice to be familiar with AWS cloud, Node.JS and work with Docker Containers and CI/CD code pipelines.
  • We would be absolutely thrilled to work with you; if you know JavaScript, are familiar with Chrome DevTools, and can use test frameworks like Mocha, Jest, and test Restful APIs.
  • Everything apart, you should be good at analysis and documentation and demonstrate great writing skills (of course, we will let you use Grammarly).
  • And of course, you should have an eye for details as you know how developers are; they will always have something for you to correct.

This is how typical tasks for a QA engineer at Avesta look like.

  • Coordinate with the product owner, tech leads, and developers to understand upcoming features.
  • Analyze and write user stories for existing features.
  • Plan and develop test cases, and collaborate with the product team to prepare UAT sheets.
  • Execute test cases manually or by writing automation scripts.
  • Coordinate with end-users and clearly articulate and communicate issues and incidents. (At Avesta, everybody gives support).
  • Collaborate remotely with the team using tools like Jira, Basecamp, and Figma.

About You

  • You are self-initiated and can work independently. You can take complete ownership and are comfortable working with no or minimal supervision.xperience levels.
  • You enjoy contributing like an analyst, like to grasp the business domain, understand user behavior, and are focused on improving customer experience.
  • You understand the importance of quality and are confident that your tests check everything end-to-end to ensure nothing goes wrong in production.
  • You like to test early and as often as possible and release daily or in short iterations.
  • You don't treat the front-end as an afterthought. You understand that a good user interface is an absolute must, and make sure from all the angels that we are delivering a good experience.
  • You are a learner. You love to experiment with new tools, learn new skills, and always find new ways to improve things.

How to Apply?

  • Please apply for the position by writing to, with the subject line Quality Assurance Engineer.
  • Send your CV or Resume along with any other project details you would like us to know.
  • You will hear from us within 7 days of sending the applications.
  • If we decide to move further, we will have an exploratory call where you can ask questions about the role and the company, and we can learn about you and your experience.
  • In the second step, we will assess your technical capabilities. You will discuss technology-specific tasks and topics with Vinay, who leads the project. We don't expect you to come up with finished solutions but would like to know how you approach technical challenges and your grasp of technical skills.
  • Finally, you will speak to Mahiyar, our c.e.o to finalize your expectations and get to know the company and each other better.