About Avesta Technologies

Avesta Technologies was Established in 2012 to deliver software engineering solutions that make a difference. Our mission is to make Avesta a leading Modern Application Development company by building human capital and implementing the right modern design, development practices, and technologies in the right way to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our culture enables an inclusive environment that emphasizes caring and learning based on trust, creativity, and collaboration, where people love to work and customers love to get their work done. Our team has over seven years of average experience crafting cloud-native solutions and practicing agile and DevOps.

About the Job

We are working as partners with a major Australian media group, which has recently gained round two funding and is planning to expand its property-tech business on a large scale to take care of the entire buying journey of a property buyer by providing various services like buy/sell, insurance, mortgage, and trade services.

We are building a highly scalable and reliable platform using modern cloud-native architecture, tools, and technologies to support this initiative. The project involves developing microservices and integrating various data sources, marketing cloud, and real-time analytics systems.

We are looking for dedicated and committed individuals with 2+ years of experience working with Node.js and relational databases who want to further their careers by working with our senior team and gaining exposure to develop best-in-class web-scale applications.

About the Role

  • Build REST-based APIs with frameworks like Express on Node.js using Typescript.
  • Work with relational and document databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Elastic Search.
  • Use AWS services like ALB, Lambda, SQS, SNS, S3 etc.
  • Familiarity with Linux, Dockers, and various monitoring tools

About You

  • You understand the importance of writing quality, clean code.
  • Your code is self-documented, modular, and understandable.
  • You can confidently write tests.
  • You are equally concerned about performance, and you write optimized code.
  • Architecture fascinates you, and you are willing to learn and implement OOP principles like SOLID, layered architecture, and design patterns.

Additional Information

  • This role is W.F.O. (Work From Office).
  • We will match your experience with the best pay package, comprehensive health insurance benefits covering your spouse, parents, and children, and a generous leave plan.
  • To apply, please send your resume to careers@avestatechnologies.com with your current and expected C.T.C. or mention it while applying on LinkedIn Job Post or InMail.
  • If you have any queries, please call or text Ms. Nirali Trajker at 7016072163.
  • Please download and read the candidate's handbook at the following link to learn more about us and why you should join us. www.avestatechnologies.com/career

P.S. Please feel free to apply; even if you do not have all the skills required, we will be more than happy to upskill you further.